MUSC 1405
Live Sound I

Provides a broad overview to the field of sound reinforcement. 
Designed to provide students with a solid foundation in basic 
principles of live sound. Emphasis is placed on understanding
the workings of the individual components of an audio system and 
the interconnection of these components.

MUSC 2402
Sound Systems Tech

Provides an in depth study of advanced signal flow, system 
packaging, system integration, system protection/maintenance, 
rigging from a system tech's perspective, electrical distribution for 
audio systems, and responsibilities/roles of the audio systems 
engineer. Students will act as audio system engineers for Live 
Sound II and III mix engineers. MUSC 1405 is a prerequisite but 
can be taken concurrently with instructor's permission.

MUSC 1423
Audio Electronics

This course covers basic concepts in electricity, Ohm's Law, circuit 
analysis and troubleshooting audio problems. Topics include 
soldering techniques, audio electronic alignment procedures for 
tape machines, console maintenance, and sound reinforcement
equipment maintenance.

MUSC 1400
Sound System Design & Installation

This course will explore concepts pertaining to design and 
installation of an audio system from the ground up, both portable 
and permanent. Students will be exposed to and trained in industry 
standard design/modeling software such as EASE and Meyer 
Sound's MAPP. Computer control and networking of these systems 
will be stressed which will expose the students to industry 
standard control software such as BSS Soundweb, Crown IQ, and 
Media Matrix. Multimedia component integration from the system 
designers/installers standpoint will also be emphasized. MUSC 
1405 is a prerequisite but can be taken concurrently with
instructor's permission. 

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Live Sound

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MUSC 2403
Live Sound II

Provides an in depth study on monitor systems and operations. 
Emphasis will be placed on engineering monitors (IEM/wedges), 
microphone choice/placement, feedback control and ear training. 
Students will apply these concepts while mixing monitors for 
performances by Commercial Music students. MUSC 1405 is a 
prerequisite for this course.

MUSC 2453
Live Sound III

Provides an in depth study on mixing front-of-house. Emphasis 
will be placed on techniques required to create and maintain a 
professional quality front-of-house mix, ear training, utilization of 
effects and dynamic processing. Students will be responsible for 
mixing front-of-house for performances by Commercial Music 
students. MUSC 1405 is a prerequisite of this course.

MUSC 2459
Sound System Optimization

Provides an in depth study on system optimization. Emphasis will 
be placed on system equalization, time/phase alignment, sub 
system integration, loudspeaker management systems and ear 
training. Industry standard acoustic analysis software SMAART 
LIVE, and the Meyer SIM system will be a prime focus as well as 
other software packages including Meyer Sound's MAPP online, 
and  EASE. System optimization will require a more in depth look
into certain acoustic principles, the measurement of them, and 
their effects on the sound reinforcement system. MUSC 1400 is a 
prerequisite for this course.